Posted by: Plyrx | October 26, 2011


No update because I’ve been busy like hell this week.  Physics test last Monday, math test tomorrow, history test next Monday, I have to edit cases for Speech and Debate (Lincoln-Douglas, for anyone who’s on it too), art project due Monday, (lot of Mondays lately) performance thingy Wednesday for English class (1.2 of A Midsummer Night’s Dream), and… yeah.  Stuyvesant is difficult.  Sill enjoying it though.

First report card!  😀  Letter grades, meaning an ESNU system (Excellent, Satisfactory, Needs Improvement, and FAILURE).  All E’s except English, art, Physics lab, and gym (my only N).  English teacher doesn’t give E’s, I’m bad at art, physics is just… physics, and my gym teacher said I cut class at some point, which is weird, because I didn’t.  My dad will talk to her, and hopefully things will be right.

Novel update: forgoing backstory for main story, since I don’t have time to adequately prepare the backstory.  I’ll leave it to readers to interpret the long and diverse history of the Fourworld.  Main story is developing nicely, major theme is the seeking of human (well… yeah, you know) purpose.  Should be fun.  I’m thinking I should shoot for 30k words instead of 50k, special allowance for a Stuy student.  (y)

Actual post this weekend, should go better than this.  😀



  1. Hey kid. Great posty-updaty-thingy! Seriously (only one I’ve read all the way through, because I’m lazy). Anywho, look, I left a review! This entitles me to a bit of off topicness which you should be informed about! (And I figure this’ll be the best way to do it, because you don’t have a fan fic account, and I don’t know your email [I could probably guess, though].) Point is, you need to get a fan fic account, then contact Bubblez who’s username is the same (I feel like I’m talking in code….). In this way, we can keep track of who’s still alive, and such. (And BTW, I chose this particular place to say this because I read it. Didn’t want to put it on one of your recent ones because I figure I won’t read them….Yeah….)
    Great talk!

    • Wait, I have to make an account where?

      • Ohhh… This is Ryanne’s post!
        X.X *belated concern* That sounded like a lot! And I never study for tests! (I’ll fail high school at this rate… That chasm which my grades are falling into… It’s growing larger. Like a mushroom after the rain. Except I like cloudy days…)

        Why are you bad at art? (At the school I go to, just keep in mind the color wheel, focal points, do your best to make whatever-you’re-working-on look presentable and figure out where to turn in assignments. I never did really master the last part… So I ended up with a B the second quarter because some of the assignments went astray and I always forget to put my names on art assigments.) Do you have to do writing or researching assignments?

        Um… Yeah. I’m just filling this place up with spam… Now I feel really bad… Sorry.

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