Posted by: Plyrx | October 8, 2011

…So Yeah

I lied again.  No new posts.  I actually abandoned my blog as soon as school started because I was literally being CRUSHED under the amount of schoolwork I was getting.  Ok, not literally crushed, but it was fairly brutal.

Anyway, my apologies for the big break, it really hurt me inside to leave.  Although in all honesty, I feel as if I’m kinda just shouting at a wall, because I have no way of knowing if people read my work or not… bleah.

But anyway.  Lots going on since I left.  School is awesome despite its difficulty, even though I have about 15 minutes every night to not do schoolwork I’m still enjoying it.  I’ve learned so much in a month, and more is coming soon!  So exciting!  And also I’m really nerdy.

Wow, 130 words and my fingers are already slipping?  I’m out of practice.  MUST CONTINUE WRITING

I just reread some of my first NaNoWriMo attempt, the Gateway of Sin one, and I actually impressed myself a little with my writing.  As narcissistic as it sounds, it was actually… decent.  Maybe even bordering on good.  Readable, anyway.  I had tone shifts, I had cool metaphors and similes, I had characterization, it was really fun to read.  Every now and then I was like “Did I seriously think of doing that?” and was happy for a while.  And then I’d notice an inconsistency that I didn’t like.  Oh, well.

So anyway.  This November, which is the actual NaNoWriMo, I’ll be using a totally new plot- one that takes place on a completely different planet.  Or, more accurately, four different planets.  See, I had this idea for a negative density field, which is the field created by an object with a mass so low that it actually descends into negative numbers- which makes it cause repulsion instead of attraction.  So somewhere at the beginning of the universe, by a freak accident, four asteroids converged on this negative density field, which made a system of four planets that revolved around a sun.  On this planet system, life evolved mostly separately, but they all miraculously end up humanoid, and also capable of interbreeding.  The end result of this is that after they figure out a system to travel between the planets, the interbreeding makes them all look pretty much the same- similar to how families that have lived in America for a really long time tend to start losing distinct traits of their culture, because their children have some kind of odd combination of traits from all different nationalities.  Anyway, the specific story is about a few people- a martial artist, an energetic girl, her boyfriend, and the boyfriend’s sister.  There’s a lot more to the story, but you’ll have to join NaNoWriMo and find me to get it all.  😉

In other news, here are some good bits from my NaNo story that I like.

” The sun cast the remnants of its red light onto the world, and the first stars hung from the sky, as if waiting for something.”  The foreshadowing here is buried a bit deep, but it’s palpable.

” Recurring patterns decorated its entire body, and I wondered who would bother to place such lovely designs on such a gruesome creature- for they obviously weren’t natural.  I also wondered why someone would carve it directly into the skin, rather than use tattoos or something similar.  Of course, this was just a small part of my brain juggling these speculations.  The rest was thinking, Oh God what did I do to deserve this someone help me… etc.”  I like the humor in the insertion here.

” He must have been incredibly brave, to actually stand between the demon and me willingly.  I thought about how I was stock-still in shock as Chester gave his life protecting me, and felt ashamed.  Maybe if we both had fought, he’d still be here…  The thought that I could have saved him but didn’t was enough to seal up my throat and break the dam that held back my tears.  I buried my head in his cold chest and sobbed the night away.”  I think this is good in terms of imagery.  Or maybe it’s cloying.  Your call.

” Now he was wondering if this was death, waiting around in a cloud of nothing for all eternity.  He crossed his legs and twiddled his thumbs, waiting for something to happen.  And happen something did.  Before his very eyes, a figure materialized, a figure that looked not unlike himself.”  I like the “and happen something did” part.  Not sure why.

” He stopped a few feet away from me, and looked around.  “Even in sleep, you keep your mind active, child,” he commented.  “Impressive.” ”  Please say the Archangel Michael sounds angelic and high-class, please tell me he sounded like that…

““I… well, see, I’ve never used a sword before and-” No that sounds stupid “-no, I mean, see, I’m used to this other thing, I like to use um-” Now you sound finicky and selfish “-Well erm never mind.”  Stupid.

            “Speak your mind, child.”

“I… eh… I don’t like swords.”  And if that wasn’t stupid, finicky, and selfish, I don’t know what is.

“Oh?” he smiled, eyes twinkling.  “Then what do you like, pray tell?”

“B-butterfly knives.”  I blushed furiously.

He smiled.  “Butterfly knives?  Hm.  A curious choice.  You don’t want something stronger?  Heavier?  With a bit more push behind it, perhaps?” he inquired.

“Um… I like staffs, too, but butterfly knives more.”

“I see.  Well, that can be arranged.”

“Look see you don’t really have to go through any trouble it’s okay really I’m just being stupid and finicky and selfish see don’t bother go-”  He waved at me to be silent.”

The repetition here of stupid, finicky, and selfish seemed clever to me, and probably seems a bit pretentious to you all.

“Just this morning I was wondering if life’s monotony would ever end, and now life’s monotony was little more than a memory.”   It’s just so… succinct.  I like it.

” My quintessential best friend and problem solver was about to leave me forever.  It echoed through my mind like waves crashing on the shore, sparing nothing its wrath.”  I read this and I was like, “Really?  I didn’t copy this from somewhere?”

So, that was pretty pretentious of me.  I just thought these were some nice bits from the thing I wrote, and I wanted to share them without sharing the whole thing.  How are they?  Awesome?  Crappy?  Terribly narcissistic of me to write this?  Let me know!



  1. Also, I put up a progress bar for NaNoWriMo. Not sure if it works, we’ll find out in November.

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